Oil & Stone

Bored with basic black?  Try, Oil and Stone Chip!

If you like the more natural, textured look of gravel but still want the durability of an asphalt paved driveway, consider oil and stone chip.  This specialty application can enhance curb appeal, adding a touch of rustic charm found in traditional, long-established New England coastal towns.  The rough, semi-loose stone surface of an oil and stone driveway is more aesthetically pleasing than plain asphalt, complimenting Connecticut’s beautiful countryside while providing excellent traction during snowy New England winters and faster cooling capacity during the summer.

Oil and stone chip driveways are actually made from similar materials as asphalt driveways. The primary differences are in the installation process and the appearance of the finished surfaces.  The oil and stone application process involves spreading layers of stone and liquid asphalt over asphalt which results in a beautiful but durable surface.  The types of stone we use come in a variety of colors from black-gray to tan.  If this application appeals to you, contact us for a free estimate today!

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